Oktoberfest – Do you want to know more about the famous festival?

Oktoberfest is still famous and flourishing every single year with more crowds.

 Most of us are scared of history and the fact that we have to or have to remember a lot of dates and years. Undoubtedly they are important and have their own significance. But history can be fun sometimes too. Oktoberfest, not Octoberfest, marks this name properly. This event started some centuries ago but still is famous and flourishing every single year with more crowd, beauty, happiness and fun.

History Behind the Fest: Oktoberfest

In Germany, a place called Munich is mostly famous because of this special annual festival called Oktoberfest. It was started in the year of 1810, on October 12, in the honour of King Louis I and a Princess called Therese Von Sachsen Hildburghausen. This event was organised for their marriage ceremony. It was an event held for five days, which later turned into an agricultural activity and an event for horse racing. During the 1818 festival period people came up with some great ideas and opened booths for food supply and drinking bars.

Specialty: The fame

The fame of Oktoberfest started spreading throughout the whole nation and all over the world with great speed. After two centuries as time passed and also the choices changed, Oktoberfest also changed its usual version in order to gather more crowds. They created large beverage halls with balconies and for music and entertainment they installed bandstands for people to enjoy.

Germany and Other States: Participation

Germans and people from other states come to visit this festival every year in large numbers. Even the Germans who are currently in America or in other states of the U.S. also take part in this program with full enthusiasm. German food and beverages are the main attraction behind this festival.

Specification: Dress Code

This festival has a specific kind of dress code for those who are willing to join it for two weeks. A 19th century dress style with an eye-catching environment, full with colours and joy.

Extra Info: All You Need to Know

The authority organises tents for the visitors, you must make the booking beforehand and apart from that you must remember the time and mark it beforehand. This year the fest will be celebrated for 188th time and starting from September 16. As the weather matters the most, people of Munich decided to celebrate this in a very warm, pleasant and beautiful time among all the seasons.

So go and grab your food now, and have the most amazing time.

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