Oldest cities in the world

The concept of ‘City’ sounds relatively new. Right? If you think so, then it’s your misconception. This article will change your idea about cities.

Every city has its own untold story. Undoubtedly, the ancient cities also have their history to unfold. Few cities in the world are thousands of years old. These cities, loaded with their art, architecture and culture, are the only evidence of the evolving human civilization. So, let’s have a look at some of these oldest cities that are still existing today.

Damascus, Syria – 11,000 years old

The oldest city in the world, Damascus, also named the capital of Arab culture, is the only witness to the rise and fall of so many civilizations. According to research studies and historical evidence, this city was first established in the second half of the seventh millennia B.C. Therefore, it is the oldest city in the world and an essential part of Arabian culture. Today it has changed itself a lot and become one of the famous metropolitan areas in Arab with around two million population. In 2008, this city was named the Arab Capital of Culture.

Aleppo, Syria – 8,000 years old

Aleppo, another city in Syria, serves as the capital of the Aleppo Governorate. As this city is located between the Mediterranean- sea and Iraq, this geographical location proved beneficial for Aleppo and became an important trading hub during ancient times. But, since 2012, Aleppo has been facing a continuous downfall. The interesting fact is that though this city has been considered 8000 years old, some settlements have been discovered, approximately 11000 years old.

Argos, Greece – 7,000 years old

Argos, the city of Argolis in Greece, is the next on this list. Located at the coast of the Mediterranean, this is one of the oldest cities globally and remained neutral in the Greco-Persian Wars. Today it is a land rich in Greek art and architecture where around 22000 residents have settled.

Varanasi, India – 5,000 years old

Varanasi, also named Banaras or Kashi, is the oldest city in India located in the north of this country and on the banks of the river Ganga. As it is the birthplace of Hinduism, it attracts thousands of pilgrims around the globe each year. There are 88 ghats and more than 2000 temples, including the golden temple of Vishwanath, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that souls achieve ultimate peace if the funeral rites are done in this holy place.

So, which one is your favourite on this list? Don’t forget to share your opinion about these places.


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