Olive oil benefits to restore sun-damaged hair

Hair related issues are looming around the corner not just among men and women in their 40s but are instead strikingly observed among youths as well….!

After hair loss, thinning of hair, grey hair, frustrating dandruff issues, dull and lustre lacking rough coat, the sun-damaged hair issues among youths have become partly a new thing to worry about. A long walk on the sea beach or lying down under the sun to tan your skin may seem to be a perfect affair of winter bucket lists, but what about during the summer days? Well, it’s a NO-NO game that absorbs all the life of your hair by leaving it waving colourless, dull and inevitable split ends.

Impact of sun exposure on the health of our hair

To begin with, excess amount of sun exposure and ultraviolet rays severely damages the outer layer of the hair strands known as cuticles. Sun can also alter the hair texture by ruining and tearing down the protein structure. This protein structure is precisely the major factor responsible for our lustrous hair and healthy hair follicles. Not to worry, our hair rejuvenation may be triggered by natural substances such as Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil and other natural oils. According to dermatologists, our hair requires an adequate amount of moisture to retain its shine and softness. Olive oil, by far is the most utilised and widely available hair oil, has the richness of Vitamin E, ensuring strong growth and reduced split ends.

Rich Vitamin E based Olive Oil that can transform you into Repunzel.

Cold-pressed extra virgin pure olive oil has an abundance of antioxidants and fatty acids, which deeply conditions your hair, relieves you from itchy scalp, repairs the damaged follicles, discolouration issues and stimulates proper healthy hair growth. In addition, the goodness of Olive oil deeply penetrates the hair shafts and improves blood circulation that would contribute to your long yearned, soft, shiny and voluminous hair.

You can begin your hair treatment with Olive oil in various ways-

You can pour half a teaspoon of Olive oil in your palm and rub smoothly across your hair strands and massage the scalp gently and leave it for around 1 hour by covering it with a shower cap.  If you want to get relief from the itchy scalp due to prolonged sun exposure, then you can surely try out an “Olive oil hair mask” by combining one whole egg, 1-2 tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of Olive oil.

Both these treatments can stimulate hair growth and rid you off of sun-damaged hair. After applying the Olive oil to your hair, it may be rinsed off by shampoo to shed the greasiness in the hair, followed by a conditioner to protect the shafts from further damages. Sun-damaged hair requires hydration which the richness of Olive oil may supply, so why wait?

Add Olive oil to make an excellent magical potion that would surely Bid farewell to the sun-damaged hair issues and other common hair problems.

Urbee Sarkar

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