Published By: Rinks

On-Screen Couples That Are The Epitome Of Romance

Were you ever so invested in a reel couple that you wished they got married for real? Well, you are not alone! Here are some actors with the best online chemistry that people wish was real.

We have to agree that these fictional lovers set a high bar for romantic pairings. Read on for some  examples of balanced, albeit slightly odd, couples who made us believe in fairy tale love.

Johnny & Baby

All of us girls were secretly hoping that one day we'd find a guy as sweet and caring as Johnny, even down to his dance skills. Both the "Dirty Dancing" couple and the film are unforgettable classics.

Bot Kat Stratford & Patrick Verona

The pair from "10 Things I Hate About You" successfully convinced us that true love exists. Though their romance was fictitious, the legendary stories and their chemistry provided us with romantic inspiration. We were encouraged to up our own love game as a result of their example of excellence.

Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

When the Twilight books came out, certain of Edward's behaviors were criticized, but what we loved and will never doubt is how much loyalty they had for one other. They had strong mutual trust and faith in one another. They overcome adversity as a team and can serve as a model for healthy relationship dynamics.

Jack Dawson & Rose DeWitt-Bukater

The entire ship was captivated by this doomed pair. We were smitten by love itself, and the pair they constituted represented perfection oddly. They were from various walks of life, yet they appreciated the best in one another. Rose did not consider Jack for granted once he gave her the confidence and will to reach for the stars. Even though Jack may have lost both his hands when Rose lunged for the shackles with an axe, they trusted each other's intuition and believed that the other could accomplish it.

Leela And Ram

While there were certainly problems with the movie's reception from religious groups and the censor board, the film's most memorable feature was undoubtedly the sizzling chemistry between Ram and Leela. They each possessed a robust identity, a healthy dose of self-assurance, and a willingness to provide a helping hand. Even though their feelings for one another were killing them, they each held firm and took care of their families. All that mattered was being considerate of one another's space and choices. Due to the depth of their love, there was no need for a blame game.