On the Mic: Raikkonen’s Best Radio Chats!

Known as “The Iceman”, Kimi Raikkonen is set to hang his racing gloves at the end of this Formula One season

One time Formula One world champion Kimi Raikkonen has announced his retirement from the F1 world at the end of the 2021 season. Apart from driving, the man is known for his cold talks. Therefore, as a tribute to him; here are the best radio chats shared between Kimi and teams. 

2017- When Kimi was sent without gloves and steering wheels, the annoyed man said, “Get my gloves and steering wheel. Gloves! Mark, Gloves! Steering wheel! Gloves and steering wheel, yeah! Steering wheel! Somebody tell him to give it to me. Come on! Move!”

2020- In the Silverstone Grand Prix, the team got confused with one of the pitstops. The team said, “And box, box. Stay out, stay out, stay out!” to which Kimi replied, “Hey, it’s too late now. There’s no way that it was a good thing to come in.”

2012- The year was 2012 when a young Kimi did not like his team members disturbing him over the radio. When his team said they will keep him updated about Alonso’s pace and the gap between the two; an infuriated Kimi shouted back and said, “Just leave me alone, I know what to do!” 

2021- Was it intentional or not, we do not know, but during a race this year, there was clearly a communication problem between Kimi and his team. This is how the radio chat went. Team: Ok Kimi. Box, box if you can hear me. Kimi: Can you hear me now? Team: No, negative. I can’t hear you. Kimi: But I can hear you, no? Team: Yeah. Box, box if you can. Kimi: You still don’t hear me? Team: No! Kimi: But you answer still. 

2019- In 2019, Kimi’s team asked him about the front wing of the car. To which, the Iceman replied, “I don’t know. You’ll have to tell me.” 

2013- In Japan 2013, Kimi probably had a bit of a hearing problem. When he was informed about teammate Massa’s penalty, he replied, “Why do we have a drive-through penalty?”  

2019- Canada 2019 was a surprise for Kimi after he encountered a little animal on the racetrack. He reported to his team by saying, “Okay, there’s that animal running around the track. Before turn 6. In the middle of the track. I don’t know what they are called.” 

Rohit Chatterjee

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