One for Geeks: Celebrities who have written comic books

If you are one of the geeks who dream, sleep, eat comics,then you are in for a treat.

For a long time, comic books writers were shrouded in obscurity as it was a genre believed to be loved by children. But then Marvel and Stan Lee changed it all, and they had even grown-up passionate about comics and their characters. That was the rise of geekhood, where you lived, loved these superheroes with all your might. But how cool would it be if a celebrity, as passionate about comics as you write them for you? Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Here is the list of celebrities who wrote comic books, sometimes as special editions and sometimes multiple editions.

Bill Hader and Seth Meyers.

The Saturday Night live host and performers Bill Hader and Seth Meyer, are not just known for their comic timing and great screen presence. They are certified geeks and love to dig in comic books, which led them to write a one-shot edition of Spiderman: The Short Halloween.

Kevin Smith.

The famous writer, director, and producer of the comedy film “Clerks” is an avid comic book reader. But what you didn’t know is that he is a talented and prolific comic book writer as well. He has written many comic books as one-time edition and sometimes even as regular editions. His comics, such as Batman’66 Meets the Green Hornet, Bluntman and Chronic series, are a rage among comic book lovers.

Gerard Way.

The former lead singer of the rock band “My Chemical Romance” is writing, creating, and writing comic books way back since 1993. He has his hand in creating and writing a comic named “On Raven’s Wings”. He rekindled his love for comics in the year 2007, when he wrote the much loved and critically acclaimed comic “The Umbrella Academy”. He has been active as a comic book writer since then, and in the year 2014, he started working with Marvel with “Edge of Spider Verse”.

William Shatner.

The Star Trek superstar William Shatner, is credited to expanding the Star Trek Universe by writing TekWar novels, a card game, television movies and most importantly, a comic book. Yes, the tie-in series of Star Trek comic was written by Shatner himself.

Mark Hamill.

This man loves comic books to his bones, and it shows. His infectious love for comic books led him to turn his directorial debut script into a five-issue comic book series named “The Black Pearl”.

So, fellow Geeks, have you read any of them?

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