One Man, One Masterpiece: Some fun facts about Mr Bean

Know more about the lovable, child-like and everyone’s favourite character Mr Bean.

In the year 1991, Mr Bean was broadcasted for the first time on television. But much before it was made, Rowan Atkinson was developing the character while he was still a student of electrical engineering. He was asked to do a sketch at Oxford Playhouse. He was not much of a writer, so he just started to mess around his face, and that was the start of the development of the iconic character. Here are some of the fun facts about Mr Bean that you might not know.

Mr Bean was not his original name.

Interestingly, there was no name on the character, even when into went in production. At first, the character was called Mr White. That just didn’t hit right with the team, and Atkinson, and everyone started throwing in different vegetable names. Someone actually called him Mr Cauliflower, and it almost got the approval. Nevertheless, they all settled for Mr Bean, the name we all love and cherish.

Mr Bean’s address and name.

Mr Bean, according to the show, lives at Flat no.2, 12 Arbour Road, London. We almost don’t know much about his profession. Also, we often wonder what his actual name is? This mystery was solved in Mr Bean’s first movie adaptation, Bean. In his passport, Mr was actually his first name, and Bean is the surname (Strange but true).

The character is inspired by a French movie character.

Did you know that the character of Mr Bean was inspired by a French movie character? The character is inspired by a popular French Character, Monsieur Hulot, who appeared in almost six movies. Monsieur Hulot, too, was a socially awkward character who was silent and often found himself in difficult situations.

The original Mr Bean has only 14 episodes.

We all have searched all over the internet, but all we find are the same episodes that we have grown to love. That is because the original live-action had only 14 episodes. Of course, there were spin-off movies and an animated version, but the original series had just 14 episodes.

Mr Bean is more famous than the royal family.

In a survey to know which Brit, non-Brits know about, researchers came across a startling revelation. It seems non-British seems to know about Mr Bean more than the members of the royal family.

Rowan Atkinson bid adieu to the role in the year 2012, bringing an end to the era of watching and loving adorable Mr Bean.

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