Published By: Sreyanshi

One simple act that changed my Mondays

Mondays can be really challenging! But not anymore, here’s how. 

Mondays are known to be drowsy and sad. It’s the day when you get back to the grind leaving behind your memories of the weekend alone. It’s gloomy. But it doesn’t need to be! You can challenge your Monday morning blues and change it!

Try to find one simple act of kindness that you will start your Monday with and you will find that instant positive beginning takes you a long way through the Monday morning blues. Remember, Mondays are sad for everyone. So if you can make someone else’s Monday morning special, chances are it will resonate back to you. You will feel good, starting your week and you will become the reason for someone else’s happiness as you start your grill.

Here’s what you can do:

Try to help someone in trouble

We are all soaked up in our own troubled lives and don’t really have time for others' problems. And this is true for everyone around. But what if we go step by step? We don’t have to help everyone. But we can surely help someone in need, especially when we are looking to start a great week ahead.

Try to listen to someone who needs a friend

We seldom have time for our friends nowadays. Even when we do spend time together, we rarely can afford the mental bandwidth to listen to their problems mindfully and really understand where they are coming from. When someone needs a friend, you can be that. Just begin your week by being a friend to someone; it will lighten your week.

Hug someone who needs it

We really need to hug more often, but with all the hustles and bustles of our lives, who has time for hugs? Let’s make time. When we are battling the Monday Morning Blues, we sure can start our week with hugging someone, especially when we come across someone who really needs a hug. A warm hug can take them a long way.

Say yes to things and believe in them

When someone asks you a favor, try and say yes, at least when you are starting your day. Say yes to someone and believe in what you are doing, don’t just say for the sake of it!

Try to do something for the environment

This one is really important, because it helps us not only care about our environment, it takes us out of our ego zones. If you start your week with doing something good for the environment it will inevitably give you the boost that you need to work the whole week. And the environment will also get the benefit!

Be kind, and battle Monday morning blues.