Ongoing Recruitment Trends

As technology has shaped all the major aspects of business and workforce, here is how post-COVID era has radically revamped the hiring process  

The onboarding process has witnessed a paradigm shift …and for the better. Removing the various barriers that are expected with any dramatic shifts, organisations have reportedly embraced these hiring strategies to refill talent and generate a business boom.

Integration of User-Intuitive Interface 

Organisations are leaning towards HR systems and platforms that are easy to navigate and seamless in browsing over complex and intricate programs that hinder the screening process. This has been a win-win for both candidates and recruiters who are inundated with tonnes of tasks related to screening and hiring relevant candidates.

Post-pandemic, day-to-day manual tasks have been automated for smoother communication and improved experience on both ends.

Immersive VR and AI for a Tectonic Shift in the Business World

Expansion of remote recruitment has been concomitant with Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, simulated office tour for a keen insight into workplace culture, projects and work environment has gained momentum. Such an interaction has replaced the mandatory need for physical presence.

In the talent acquisition process, the foray of AI is mainly to optimise and streamline the otherwise mundane and administrative tasks. AI slices through the chunk of applications to extract matching profiles based on experience and skills and assess how they perform against the top candidates. Furthermore, predictive analysis does away with biases in the sourcing step.

Hiring for Gigs in the New Economy 

Post-COVID has enhanced the scope for side hustles owing to the massive emergence of gig economy. Recruitment space has seen a remarkable growth of jobs that are not time-bound. Companies are leveraging technology to hire freelancers and mostly on short-term contracts.

Fintech, ed-etch and e-commerce companies have led to the haunt of gig workers. Blue collar gigs are adding new designations with the spilling of novel responsibilities which were erstwhile handled by permanent staff. Anticipating probable challenges, organisations are switching to upgradable timesheet and billing software for the new hires working remotely.

Increased Emphasis on DE&I 

Diversity, equity and inclusion have stayed as a key focus in the recruitment sphere and employers are keen on reaching out to remotest fringes for inculcating diverse talent in the workforce. Besides storing data and tracking KPIs, firms are adopting latest software to eliminate biases and cast a wider net for the talent search and generating data-driven insights based on DE&I algorithm and performing a quarterly evaluation of diversity.


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