Organic Farms in India-A Healthy Initiative

The splendid organic farms in India help you enjoy the magic of nature on your plate.


Does talking about organic farms bring memories of your childhood poem ‘Old Macdonald had a farm?’ well for some of us, visiting a farm with family was the ideal way of having a picnic? When it comes to India, agriculture has worked its best to develop organic fertilizers, pesticides, and healthy livestock feed. Here are the best farms to visit that will take you from the pollution of city life to farms’ peace and quiet.

  1. The Slow Farm-

The thirteen-year-old farm in Bangaluru is an initiative of Reema Gupta. The land has over fifty kinds of spices, fruits and vegetables grown fully inorganic means. The large production of passionfruit, avocado and star fruit has brought the farm into the limelight.

  1. Navdanya-

The Navadanya farm follows a unique farming concept. It was created to raise awareness in farmers about the benefits of organic farming. The main objective is to keep up the biodiversity by building communities among organic farmers. It has about 100 seedbanks stored for calamity struck areas.

  1. Back2Back-

After a successful career in advertising, the brainchild of S. Madhusudhan, a member of the Indian Institute of Management, decided to create a fresh organic farm for India’s citizens. The management skills came handy to produce organic fruits and vegetables to export to retailers and for export.

  1. Abc Farms-

A family run business of organic farms, ayurvedic centres and resorts, dairy bacteriologist Sohrab and Marlene along with their kids, have taken care of the farm. The organic products are herbs, pearl millets, sorghum and rice.

  1. Vrindavan Farm-

The combination of indigenous wisdom carefully cultivated with modern-day agriculture knowledge is what Vrindavan farm is all about. It uses fermented manure as soil feed and has a sustainable method to preserve water. The main crops are herbs, mango, spices and vegetables.

  1. The Farm-

A little village called Semancheri along the Mahabalipuram road is dedicated to the organic farm. The main harvests are rice, coconut oil, herbal oil, tea, apricots, cheese, paneer, ghee. The farm also has some surprise products like organic snacks and cakes that make your visit a must to this farm!

  1. Organic Tapovana-

The farm is made to help farmers cultivate without the help of chemical fertilizers. A community was started for farmers to sell their products directly to customers without the use of middlemen. The main products are rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

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