Origin of some of the popular ghost stories

From The Bell Witch to Annabelle doll, here is how some of your scary ghost stories originated.

The idea of ghosts and the supernatural has mystified humans from time immemorial. Our belief in the supernatural has given birth to ghost stories which are passed from generation to generation orally and through the written word. Out of these stories, there are many who become part of our stories so realistically that we consider it to be real. So, here are the origin of some of the most popular ghost stories.

Bloody Mary

Every night out or pajama party have someone scaringly recalling this myth and story. Everyone has heard it once. It is believed that if you say Bloody Mary a few times in front of a mirror, the chances are that this would summon Bloody Mary in the mirror who would kill you. Many experts like to connect the story of Bloody Mary with Mary, Queen of Scots. But till now, we didn’t have any evidence that could suggest that Bloody Mary is based on a historical figure. Scientists also suggest that if we stare at things for a long time, they start to become distorted, even our own reflection. This may have given rise to the myth of Bloody Mary.

The Bell Witch

Before Andrew Jackson became theseventh president of the United State, he was investigating a haunted house. It is well-known that in the town of Adams, Tennessee, a family was haunted by a ghost. The ghost even caused a certain amount of injury to the daughter of the family Betsy Bell, and the patriarch even passed away due to these paranormal events. Jackson was drawn to the story and decided to check it for himself. It is said that his horse-drawn wagon would not bulge ahead, and that was enough to spook Jackson. And that is how the legend of Bell Witch was spread across America. But skeptics are of the opinion that the ghost was none other than Betsy Bell’s boyfriend, who was disguised as ghost, so that her engagement to another man could be stopped.

Bellamy Bridge

Everything is quite wrong with this story where the bride, in order to save herself from fire, jumps to a river and dies. It is said her ghost haunts the bridge. The truth,however is that Elizabeth Bellamy died of malaria, not drowning. And moreover, the Bellamy bridge was built in the year 1914. So, that contradicts the story of the “ghost Elizabeth”.

So, what are your favourite ghost stories?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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