Outdoor Games For Your Kid To Play Alone

It is not difficult to keep an child only entertained even if they don’t have someone to play with outside.

Your child may not have siblings and you may not always have the time to play with your kid outside –it’s not the end of the world. While it is necessary that parents engage with their children as much as they can, with busy schedules it is not possible to be around your kids all the time. In such cases, having sibling does help, but what’s to be done if your child is an only child? There are plenty of ways your kids can keep themselves entertained even when they are alone. We are not talking about video games or mobile activities, rather outdoor games your kid can play alone. Here are some games that your kid can play outside alone.

Solo Ball

If your kid is interested in soccer or basketball, you have got it handed to you! Your kid does not need other friends or siblings to practice his ball skills. Shooting baskets would be a great option for your kid to play alone. Moreover, they can also practice their soccer skills by simply shooting goals or dribbling on their ball. What’s even better is if you have a rebounding net that would make their alone playtime even easier. They can play catch with a football or a baseball without having to worry about not having a partner. Again, if you could manage to get them a pitching machine, that would allow your kid to get some extra baseball practice.

Hula Hoop

Not necessarily an outdoors game, but it can very well be one. Hula hooping does not need a partner and would also help your kid to be in good shape. Challenge them into counting the number of revolutions they can keep going on without the hoop falling down their waist. There are also multiple tricks that your child can practice with hula hoops and master the game. Hula hooping is fun and definitely a great way for your child to spend some time outdoors.

Racket Sports

Tennis and badminton don’t always need a partner! They can be played alone. Your kid could volley the tennis ball off a wall. Another great way is to bounce the ball on the ground with racket or even bounce the balls or the birdies up with the racket held horizontally.

Urbee Sarkar

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