Overrated destinations in India and their alternatives (1)

What do you do when an overload of tourists spoils your favourite holiday destination? The answer is simple. You move on to a lesser known or at least less frequented place that has the same vibe as your favourite holiday destination, ten years ago. 

Diu instead of Goa

Goa has many beaches, forts and most of all, tourists. Beaches of Goa today are all about food, drinks and parties and very little about peace and serenity. There is nothing wrong if you want to hang around with the party crowd but if you are pining for some peace and quiet in the same beach settings, head to Diu.

Diu Island is just off the coast of Gujarat and is dotted with sandy beaches and many beautiful and well maintained forts and churches. Gangeshwar Temple is one of the popular religious sites. St. Paul’s Church is another popular site where people from all religion visit because of its serenity.  In Diu, you have the luxury of choosing from many beaches – all with clean water and soft sand. Or you may choose to visit its many museum and memorials. While you are there, don’t forget to check out Hokka Palm – which is a little different from other palm trees found across India.

Chakrata instead of Mussoorie

The Queen of the Hills, Mussoorie is probably the most popular hill station in India and for good reasons. The quaint little hill town with reminiscence of British architecture is just a couple of hour’s drive from Dehradun and is very popular among local tourists. This has lead to congested road, unavailable hotel rooms and lot and lot of people in the streets.

Instead of going to Mussoorie with thousands of others and getting stuck in a traffic jam, better head towards Chakrata in Uttaranchal. This used to be a former summer retreat for East India Company during British Raj. Now you can trek, climb and ski or you can just choose to sit by the fireplace in one of the many available cottages. This quaint little hill town is filled with beautiful flora and fauna, great views of the Yamuna valley and an occasional tourist. Since it is a strategically important town, only Indian nationals are allowed here.

Bundi instead of Jaipur

There are a lot to see in Jaipur – the Pink city. This used to be the seat of power for centuries and so there is a lot of history to take in. However the city is still the capital of the state so is always bustling with people.

A mere two hundred kilometers from the hustle bustle of Jaipur layBundi – the undiscovered gem of Rajasthan. This is a town where the old world has merged beautifully with the new. The town is filled with narrow laneways, lakes, busy bazaars and many untouched rural villages. All over the town there are more than fifty ancient and intricate stepwells. Garh Palace is probably one of India’s largest forts.

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