Published By: Darielle Britto

Pack your picnic basket with these essentials

Enjoy a beautiful picnic with these tips

On a gorgeous day, embracing the outdoors with a well-packed picnic basket is an ideal way to enjoy quality time with friends and family. Crafting the perfect picnic experience, whether in a serene garden or at the beach, requires just a handful of essentials. From a charming picnic blanket to practical and picnic-friendly tableware, these key items ensure a seamless and enjoyable picnic outing.

Picnic essential

Select the appropriate hamper for organizing your belongings. Ensure that all containers are securely sealed and wrap food and beverages to prevent any leaks. A cooling box is perfect for maintaining the freshness of your picnic items. Consider bringing a separate basket for tableware and the blanket, along with cleaning supplies. Opt for a generously sized picnic blanket that comfortably accommodates both your picnic companions and the spread of food. A lightweight and compact blanket is an added advantage. For added enjoyment, include a selection of board games and a portable speaker to enhance your outdoor experience with music and fun while basking in the sun.

Store and protect your food

Effective planning and meticulous packing can safeguard your food, preventing unnecessary complications. Utilise cool boxes and ice packs to maintain optimal refrigeration for perishable items. While the temptation may be to showcase your feast and spread it out all at one, it is best to take out your food as and when you eat them to reduce the risk of having to discard items exposed to prolonged sunlight. Prevent sogginess in salads and sandwiches by storing dressings, fillings, and optional extras separately. Chill these components as needed and only combine them when ready to serve. Add ingredients to salads or pre-chopped fruit to desserts just before presenting. Carry hand wipes or antibacterial gel to ensure everyone's hands are clean before enjoying the meal.

Choose the right food and drinks

Picnic cuisine revolves around dishes that remain delicious whether consumed immediately or a few hours later, prioritizing ease of eating and minimal cleanup. Opt for items that require fewer utensils, allowing you to enjoy the day without the burden of extensive cleanup afterward. Staples like sandwiches, wraps, and rolls are ideal picnic choices and simple to prepare and serve. Utilize lightweight, resealable containers for convenient packing. Include snacks such as fresh or dried fruits and trail mix featuring assorted nuts. Make sure to stay hydrated while you are outdoos, especially on warmer days, by bringing a variety of beverages like bottled water and juice.


Opt for environmentally conscious options such as eco-friendly paper, bamboo, or stackable lightweight dishes for easy packing. If you're serving salads, consider including tongs or serving spoons. When it comes to napkins, opt for the lightweight and reusable cloth napkins, which are convenient to bring back home for cleaning. Alternatively, explore the use of recycled paper or other sustainable materials for a more eco-friendly choice.

Cleanup essentials

Prepare a bag containing all the necessary cleanup essentials to swiftly tidy up and depart from your picnic spot. Since there might not be a trash can on site, bring a sufficiently large trash bag to dispose of all items properly. Additionally, pack a separate bag for dirty dishes or utensils, ensuring they can be taken back home for washing. If you do not have access to running water, moist towelettes are handy for post-meal cleanup. Keep a roll of paper towels ready for cleaning spills and wiping down bowls, containers, plates, and utensils before packing them away. Use cling wrap to securely transport leftovers back home so you can enjoy it later.