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Padma Shri awardee children’s author GeetaDharmarajan books to read

Rooted deep in childhood memories, her narrations invoke the innocence

Writer, editor, and educator GeetaDharmarajan in her career spanning over decades has authored and edited multiple children’s books. While writing for children has been her first and foremost interest, Dharmarajan has also been keen on editing stories written by children. Through her non-profit organisation Katha, the author has encouraged children from across the country to bring forth their imagination and narration. Her narrations are simple, poignant, impactful, and engrossing. So here are some GeetaDharmarajan books that children must-read.

Days WithThathu

As the name suggests it derives its inspiration from the love grandparents hold for their grandchildren. This is a magically beautiful story that narrates the story of a girl Malar, and her grandfather. Like any other grandchild and grandparent relationship which is filled with small activities and lots of love, their story too has all that. From laptime, bedtime, to anytime story narration by Thathu, this book is filled with love and memories. This book is also a great kickstart for children to start reading.

Ka The Story of Garuda

The plot of the book tells the story of a Garuda. In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a demigod and a divine creature. He is defined as the king of birds which resembles a kite-like figure. The skies undergo the jolt followed by heavy rains, and the big black eagle irrespective of the commotion pierces through the walls of heaven to snatch away the Soma. Perhaps, this is the only way he could free his mother.

One Magical Morning

Laced with the mythological tales of ancient India, this book narrates yet another tale of love and magic. It tells the story of a man Jishnu. As per this twisted tale, when Jishnu asks the Sun God for a son, lest did he expect to have this opportunity be bestowed upon him. The Sun God grants him his wish, and Jishnu gets pregnant. What follows next are a series of interesting funny incidents.

The other books by GeetaDharmarajan are I Am Najar-Am-Radh, The Mysteries of Migration, Ma Ganga and the Razai Box, The Famous Smile, UdanChoo, Oh No! Not Again!, A Jungle Safari, Moon Ramu And I, Run Ranga! Run, Ma Ganga and the Razai Box, The Dust Storm, Bhiku’s diary and other stories Unforgettable short fiction (Yuvakatha series), Hic!copotamus, and Swapnasundari and the Magical Birds of Mithila to name a few.

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