Palm jaggery: is this good for your health?

Palm jaggery, a sweet item with unbelievably low glycemic index is a good option to have for diabetic patients.

When you are suffering from diabetes or have a family history of diabetes, doctors suggest you cut down the consumption of sugar. However, if you suddenly start avoiding sugar, it will have a bad impact on your body such as loss of appetite, lack of energy, and neurological diseases. To get the taste of sweetness without worrying about calorie intake here is the best option for you in the form of palm jaggery. Enriched with essential nutrients and minerals, palm jaggery can improve your health in many ways. Go through this article to know about them.

Palm jaggery has almost all essential minerals and nutrients:

According to some recent reports, there is at least 60 times higher mineral content in palm jaggery than in white sugar. Along with vitamins, palm jaggery contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium.

Palm jaggery improves digestion:

You might not have imagined that one sweetening agent can help in your digestion process as sweets have a bad reputation for deteriorating the same. However, after a heavy meal, palm jaggery can provide relief by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. This helps in better clearance of the intestinal tract. Packed with dietary fibers, Jaggery palm also helps in relieving the pain associated with constipation. These fibers flush out toxins from your body and improve your bowel movement.

Palm jaggery is a good source of antioxidants:

Enriched with some antioxidants, palm jaggery promotes blood detoxification. It also supports respiratory health by eliminating toxins during fever and cough.

Palm jaggery is an efficient energy booster:

Being a complex carbohydrate, the digestion process of Palm jaggery is much slower than other sugars. Reasonably, it provides more energy than white sugar. So, you can stay awake or work a bit longer after consuming palm jaggery.

Other benefits of palm jaggery:

Believe it or not, palm jaggery can provide you the much-needed relief during migraine pains. Yet, the proper scientific reasons are yet to be unfolded, but case studies have confirmed the capabilities of reducing the pain during headaches and migraine. Due to its low glycemic index and essential minerals, palm jaggery can help in your weight loss program. Cardiovascular health also gets improved by regular consumption of pal jaggery. If you are an anemic patient, replace sugar with palm jaggery, the iron content will surely improve the condition.

Thanks to the earthy flavor, palm jaggery is best enjoyed with tea and coffee. Sometimes, they are used in cooking as a replacement for white sugar. In the market, you will get it in solid brown colored form.