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Party Game Ideas For A Fun And Spooky Halloween

Planning a Halloween party? Here are a few games to make your party spooky fun!

Slowly getting into the festive season and into the festive mood! That means lots of parties to attend and to host, right? A Halloween party is something that everyone looks forward to. They are one time of the year where you have the free pass to scare everyone off. People dress up in the scariest costumes, watch scary movies and the best part –trick or treating! However, Halloween parties are nothing without the fun party games. Here are a few fun party game ideas for a spooky and fun filled Halloween party.

Frankenstein Bowling

Your simple bowling game, but in Halloween style. Take a few tin cans that you store all the year round and pain Frankenstein faces on them. If you feel too lazy to paint them, you can even wrap them up in the scrapbook papers that you can get in stores. Once you have done that stack them up in a pyramid and begin the bowling game with a tennis ball. Keep tabs on the points scored by the players and declare the winner. This party game is an extremely fun one and quite cost friendly too!

Marshmallow Tossing

Halloweens are incomplete without marshmallows. The marshmallow tossing game is the perfect Halloween themed game and is a great way to celebrate the festival. For this game, you need a few paper cups and lot of marshmallows –to fill the cups and your face with them. Keep the cups arranged forming a triangular shape on one end of the table and ask the players to stand at the other end of the table. The player has to toss marshmallows into the cup from a distance and there’s a penalty involved for every time they miss the mark (or the cup in the case).

Hanging Donuts

This one is such a fun party game for Halloween, it will leave you in splits. You will find the players racing somehow and anyhow to finish the donuts and there’s nothing funnier than that. Hang a few pieces of donuts a little high from the average height in the room. Ask the participants to finish eating the donuts within a given time. The catch is that the players cannot use their hands. The person who finishes the most of the donuts is the winner of the race.

Urbee Sarkar

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