Party Invitation Etiquette: Dos And Don’ts You Should Keep In Mind While Inviting Guests

Does your party invitation sound fabulous, or did you hand your guests a letter that reads boring statistics like a grocery list?

Are you organizing an event that requires sending out invitations to guests? The tips below can help you with the correct tone and wording. However, whether you are planning a formal dinner party for colleagues that require guests to don their finest outfits or a backyard birthday party for children where guests may come in their dressy attire, you must follow some essential guidelines. Below are a few dos and don’ts you should remember while inviting your guests to the party.

Do not get too wordy.

Your invitation should not be too wordy. Only mention the invitation’s party details and the occasion (whether it is an anniversary or birthday), time, date, location, host, and RSVP. You don’t need to include accommodations or directions. However, if you wish to add those details, have them on a separate card.

Do mention the dress code.

Your invitation should hint at what kind of party you are about to organize. For example, a formal invitation would require the guests to come dressed in attire different from a backyard barbecue party. Therefore, be specific. While it may not seem proper to mention this information on the invitation card, you can at least say it in a small font at the bottom of the invitation.

Don’t leave invitations for the last minute.

You probably want to plan the event’s more exciting and fun parts before doing the invitations, but you should not do this. Invitations can be time-consuming. Prepare and send out the invitation cards as early as possible to ensure guests have enough time to plan for the event, and it will also help you get an accurate headcount for the party.

Do mention RSVP

Your RSVP date should be set 3 to 4 weeks after the guests receive your formal invitation or before you make a final headcount for the catering or bartending services. After making a final headcount, it will also enable you to purchase all the party goods in the required quantities.

Don’t forget to insert RSVP cards with a stamp.

Do not forget to stamp the envelopes because the RSVP cards are typically addressed to come back to you or whoever is hosting the party.

Keep all these tips in mind before sending out your invitations and if you wish all your invitees to attend the party.


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