Party Props To Make On Your Own

Love crafting? Here is how to make the perfect party props all by yourself.

There is no one single reason to celebrate. Be it a birthday, anniversary, a welcome party or victory, we sure love the party vibe that goes on in the celebration. However, one of the most critical and time-consuming parts of celebrations is decoration. So, here are some easy DIY part decors that will make the ambience awesome – without spending any moolah!

The Wall Prop

Unlike olden days, your decorations will be captured in beautiful photographs to be stored and adored forever! All you need to do is get one free section of the wall where people can go and click amazing pictures. Decorate the wall with paper clippings, some vibrant crepe decorations and some theme hangings!

A Balloon Arch

Nothing beats the party feels of a balloon arch overhead. So make a cute seating area with a balloon arch overhead just at the correct height to be captured in selfies!

Tassel Garlands

Is your décor missing the spunky party feel? It needs some colourful tassel hangings! The best part is it can be made up of paper waste and yet look really adorable. Hang it up by a string and add some fairy lights to it to make the ultimate decoration people will swoon over!

Paper Fans

Remember the fan folds we did as kids? Well, it can come in handy now too! Make a fan in a complete circle and add some glittery stars and moons to it. If you feel your ceiling needs some props, too, stick several of them up there with double-sided tape.

Tiny Paper Lanterns

Create a cosy ambience with tiny twinkling lights lit up and hanging from the ceiling. You can make the lanterns using paper cuttings and fix a little bulb inside it of the same colour. If you are planning a themed party, you can cut out the shapes according to the theme.

Spell Out In Festive Cut-outs

What makes the party even more remarkable is a funky cut-out! All you have to do is make cut-outs of the letters of the alphabet and glue glitter on them. Hang them by a colourful string, and you are good to go!

Add Levels To The Dining Table

If you see professional food and dining photographs, you will notice that the foods are decorated on different eye levels. For your party, make small elevation props to hold the cupcake high on a pyramid structure. Stack the juice glasses on a higher level than the main course! It will look splendid.

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