People who started their own micronations

Who wants to invest their time and energy in startups when you can even start your very own nation? Don’t believe us? Read on to know more.

In history, whenever a country tried to go solo, it was a messy affair with a lot of negotiations, wars, bloodshed. Starting a new nation is not exactly the easiest of things, but many people don’t think the same. For them starting their own nation is the easiest decision they have ever made. There are many people across the globe who have started their own micronation. These micronations are just a piece of land that claims to be a sovereign nation. They are quite fancy as well. They have sometimes their own currency, regalia, passports. They even have a MicroCon where they meet in two years, so who needs United Nations for formal acceptance?

Republic of Molossia

Out of all micronations, the Republic of Molossia is probably the most famous. It was founded by two teenagers from Oregon, James Spielman and Kevin Baugh, in the year 1977. Initially, they named the micronation, Republic of Vuldstein. Molossia has a great and long history. At first, the nation was a “nomadic country” that travelled throughout Europe. Of late, the country has settled in Northern California and Nevada. In the year 2000, the Republic of Molossia also organized Intermicronational Olympics Games. Interestingly, the Republic of Molossia is also in a state of war with East Germany. Not East Germany, you know but a small inhabited island in Cuba.

Republic of New Atlantis

Leicester Hemingway, the younger brother of the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway founded the Republic of New Atlantis on 4th July 1964. The country was half of a 30-foot bamboo raft that was floating in international water on the coast of Jamaica. He named this country, Republic of New Atlantis.  He justified his right to form a micronation by quoting the US Guano Island Act of the year 1856. He also stated that half of the island belongs to the US government and the other half is the republic of New Atlantis. Hemingway even designed and sold New Atlantis’s stamp, but the things were not as rosy as it seemed. His country, unfortunately, was destroyed by the storm, and its small remains were pillaged by local fishermen.

Principality of Hutt River

When in the year 1970, the government of Western Australia applied several restrictions on the wheat quota, Leonard Casley was angry beyond words. This led to his announcing his 29 sq miles farmland as a micronation and calling it Hutt River Province. He ruled the said nation till his death in 2019.

So, which one is your favourite micronation?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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