Perfume Versus Body Mist: Find Out Which One Is Better

Perfume or body mist? What should you choose and why? Read on to find out!

A spritz of sweet-smelling aroma can make your mood go fab from drab! Let us discuss fragrances to explore the two different products that are making you smell like fresh flowers. While both perfumes and body mists serve the same purpose, they certainly sing two different tunes. Keep reading to find out what sets them apart from each other.

Perfume Concentration

The proportion of alcohol, oil, and water plays the key role in differentiating between perfumes and body mists. Perfumes contain a higher concentration of oil than alcohol. The extensive use of aromatic oils in perfumes contribute to a stronger fragrance.

Body Mist Concentration

Body mists are a softer and lighter variety of perfume. They contain a higher amount of alcohol and water and a very low concentration of oil. Body mists are much lighter, and less concentrated than perfumes and exude a pleasant, subtle and delicate fragrance.

Longevity of Perfumes

Perfumes typically last longer than body mists owing to their higher concentration of alcohol and water.

Longevity of Body Mist

Body mists have a much milder fragrance. Hence, the lasting power or longevity of body mist is not as good as perfumes.

When to Wear a Perfume

Perfumes are ideal for date nights, extra-luxe events, weddings, or if you simply want to treat yourself to something luxurious. You can wear perfumes at any time of the day, but it is best to preserve them for the night.

When to Wear a Body Mist

Use body mists as your everyday go-to fragrance. They are not as expensive as perfumes; hence, you can easily stock them in different fragrances. Their lighter scents make them an ideal choice for daytime. Body mists also come in small travel-friendly packages, making them easier to store in your desk drawer, car console, or purse for a quick spritz of freshness.

Where to Apply a Perfume

Body mists should be applied to the skin. You may spray it on your pulse points, like behind the ears, the back of your neck, under the armpits, on the wrists, knees, and elbows.

Where to Apply a Body Mist

Perfumes should be applied to your garments. It is fine if you want to spritz it on the pulse points, but it may not be as safe as body mists are for your skin, as it may result in skin irritation.

The “scent-sational” debate suggests that both perfume and body mist are good at their job, and you must pick whatever suits your lifestyle better.

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