Perks of being homeschooled.

Education is one of the strongest pillars for the development of society. 

We know that schools and colleges play a crucial role in providing us with quality education. However, did you know that homeschooling is as effective as others? Today, it is one of the legalized modes of education in the world. Some parents prefer homeschooling their children for different reasons, such as rising education fees, rising crimes on the school campus, travel-related issues, etc. They believe homeschooling is better than the traditional schooling as their children gain qualitative education at home.

Although there are countries opposing the idea of home education, others have set up laws to support the cause. According to the statistical report, around three million students are gaining education via homeschooling. Here, in this article, we will learn about the perks of being homeschooled.

Flexibility is one of the benefits that come with homeschooling. When the children receive flexible timing for education, life gets easier for the entire family. Parents or other family members can sort out their daily work and take time out providing quality education to their wards. Parents get to decide the subject, lesson length and breaks in the session. Students get the opportunities for multiple field trips and visit the science centre, museum and parks. In all, parents perfectly sketch out the entire learning of their ward.

Students do not take part in the race with others. Homeschooled students learn at their own pace. According to the study reports, homeschooled students make faster progress than those in the traditional education system. Since they learn their lessons in one-on-one tutoring, they understand better and perform well on tests. Unlike school kids, homeschooled students are autonomous learners.

Homeschoolers turn out to be more emotionally independent than others. When students receive education at home, they escape the classroom stress. They do not have to try hard to ‘fit in’ the group or need to face peer pressure. Homeschooled students are lesser at risk of getting bullied or exposed to tobacco, drugs, etc.

According to study reports, homeschoolers grow up to become more productive adults. They become more active in their daily life and mix well with society. Also, they are happier and more independent than their other school counterparts. Although, there can be exceptional cases as well. Today, many renowned colleges and universities give admissions to homeschoolers to complete their higher education.

These are many of the few reasons why homeschooling is gaining popularity.

Orna Ghosh

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