Pet Peeves: Things your Cat Hates

Cats can be very unpredictable as pets. These cute furry friends of yours seem all playful and happy at one time and extremely anxious and irritated at others. That is probably because there are several things that you do that your cat finds difficult to endure. Cat experts have come up with few of the reasons behind your feline friend acting all worked up at times. Read on-


You might be over the moon to welcome a new member in your home but don’t expect your cat to feel the same. Cats are not particularly fond of babies and might take some time to adjust to the newborn baby, its smell and sounds. Cat experts suggest playing baby sounds at home at least a month before the baby arrives to make your pet accustomed to the little human.

Being Held like a Baby

Most cats like being cuddled when they see you after a long day but what they don’t like is being held like a baby. Most cats don’t like being picked up for long and feel insecure when lifted off from the floor. Even if you can’t give up the habit, just make sure to not peeve them much by holding them for too long.

Being Constantly Clicked

You might love to click snaps of your pet and flaunt them on Instagram but your cat hates your phone on their face. The phone’s flashlight can be too jarring for them and oftentimes could also be the reason behind them being irritated or anxious.

Eye Contacts

Cats are known to have very expressive eyes and it is their primary mode of communication. According to feline experts, establishing eye contact with your cat for too long could make them detect aggressive behaviour, making them pounce on you. It is particularly a good sign when your cat winks or blinks looking you as it is a sign of affection.

Playing Dress-Up

Most cats don’t like to get dressed. Period. If you’ve ever tried to do it, you might have noticed how aggressively they fight back the gesture. Any cloth against their fur makes them feel suffocated and restricted. Try not to fit them inside uncomfortable clothes as they so hate it.

We know how much you want to cuddle, pamper, love, flaunt and dress up the furry member of your household but keep in mind that your cat doesn’t love it as much as you do. So try not to do these things to your furry friend to keep their aggression in check.

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