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Pets Owned By Celebrities Who Are Just As Famous As Their Parentss

Time to read about some pets who are just as famous as their celeb parents.

You may believe that celebrities are just like us, but when talking about their pets, you have to acknowledge that they are nothing like our pets. Whether they own a house full of pooches or a couch full of felines, celeb pets live an extraordinary and glamorous life. These pets enjoy their own spotlight and are pampered and groomed more than we can imagine. Check out some celebrity pets who are just as famous as their parents.

Bwyadette, Tracy Morgan’s Octopus

Tracy Morgan, in 2013, appeared on Tanked, the Animal Planet show — because he needed assistance with a transition – Bwyadette, his giant Pacific octopus was outgrowing her tank and urgently required a new and spacious home. He wanted a customized aquarium inspired by the film JAWS. Morgan spent $400,000 on his pet’s new abode, filled with nearly 2,700 gallons of water.

Tuna and Sushi, Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Savannah cats

Justin and Hailey Bieber own two adorable Savannah cats — a fantastic cross between a wild African serval and a domesticated cat. The couple spent $35,000 on Tuna and Sushi. But sadly, the cats were shifted elsewhere because the terms of the couple’s rental home would not allow the cats.

Bubba Sue, Miley Cyrus’ Pig

While most people, including celebs, generally go for dogs and cats for pets, Miley decided to get the entire zoo. The famous singer is not just the proud mother of several birds, dogs, and fishes—the most popular among all is Bubba Sue—her pig. Apart from featuring in Miley’s many selfies, Bubba even appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine.

Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, Taylor Swift’s Cats

Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are just as popular as their talented mom. Taylor Swift named her kitties after characters from Law & Order and Grey's Anatomy respectively, and the singer often posts photos of her furry babies on social media and even includes them in her video shoots.

Kering, Salma Hayek’s Owl

Salma Hayek owns a southern white-faced owl named Kering—the bird was a Valentine’s gift for her loving husband. Before deciding to get the owl as a gift, the actress saw an advertisement for rescue owls, and after researching for a while and learning how to care for them, she got home Kering. Hayek shares a close bond with the bird and even naps with her sometimes.

Celebs have a crazy choice in pets, but we love to see them together.