Published By: Sakshi Agrawal

Pilates: Why you should add it to your fitness regime

Pilates has not gained as much traction as other fitness routines like yoga. But it can be beneficial.

Pilates is the go-to fitness choice for many celebrities, fitness gurus, Instagrammers and models. Are you still debating whether to give it a try? Here are some benefits that will motivate you.

  • Increased body strength
While in a gym workout, you isolate muscles or group of muscles to build bulk, in a pilates workout builds long, lean muscles by adding strength to weaker muscles and giving a break to dominant muscles. Your body gets over muscular stamina with less bulk and less effort. Also, you will see an improvement in the functional fitness of your daily life because of enhanced body strength.
  • Makes you more flexible
In addition to increasing your body strength, pilates is also about stretching and a safe increase of the muscles. This does not mean putting your legs behind your head or full splits. Rather it is about increasing your natural and practical flexibility. Research has shown that 20 sessions of this fitness regime can result in a 20% increase in flexibility.
  • Tighten core muscles
Pilates is all about the core muscles that includes the entire midsection like your back, abdomen, pelvic floor and more. The core muscles are essential for a strong back and good posture that helps in creating a well functioning and relaxed body. Pilates exercise engages your midsection primarily for challenging your body stability and proper alignment. Research has shown that your core strength can be improved in 12 weeks of undertaking this regime.
  • Improves posture
A bad posture is linked to headaches and back pains, while a good posture looks appealing, improves your breathing and increases oxygenation. As noted above, pilates creates a strong back and abs. A strong core aligns your spine and balances your body, resulting in improved posture. This will help you get through your daily life with greater grace and ease.
  • Burns calories
When you are exercising, one of the main things you look for is burning loads and loads of calories. Even though pilates is about strength, flexibility, and creating lean bodies, it is equivalent to a cardio workout. During the workout, all your connective tissues and muscles are working with the exact amount of force and support, leading to the burning of calories.

You can feel the effects of pilates even after a single class. And once you start seeing the long-term effects, you will be hooked for life.