Pineapple Myths And Facts We Must Know

Absurd pineapple myths that lurk between the facts!

Just because pineapple and pizza do not seem to work out together does not mean it is all bad. The luscious tropic fruit, with time, has gathered great myths that are intertwined with truths to confuse the youth. Here are some of the most common fables about the fruit that will bewilder us to the core when we unveil them.

Myth- Pineapple Grows From Seeds-

During harvest season, you will find tiny dark brown seeds on the shoot that might tempt you to plant it, but no green hands can ever make a pineapple of the seed in ordinary circumstances. It will take way longer than the normal process and is not feasible. The best approach is replanting the offshoot or crown to propagate a new plant.

Myth- Green Pineapples Aren’t Ripe Yet-

Even though the popular rule for fruits is to leave them untouched till they show signs of a golden yellow hue in them, pineapples are an exception. The species and kind of pineapple have a lot to do with the exterior colour projection. If you want to make sure your harvests are sweet, you have to know the exact time of ripening with time and then with the shape and structure, you can guess if the fruit is just right to be chopped for salad.

Myth- Loose Leaves Means The Fruit Has Ripened-

This might be an old wives’ tale that the drooping leaves are a sign of ripened pineapples, but in reality, it is not. The smell of the fruit is more of a symbol than the leaves or colour. Getting near the plantation will fill the surrounding air with the fruit’s smell once ripe and ready.

Myth- Eating Pineapple Burns Fat-

Now for the golden fact, we have all been waiting for. Does pineapple really have what it takes to burn all the accumulated fat in our body? Well, the truth is, drum roll, please.. no! the bromelain in pineapple that was believed to be a fat burning chemical helps to break down protein, but that alone cannot help you in weight loss. Pineapple is still a valuable addition to your health, for the low-calorie intake and high fibre content keeps you feeling full without grubbing on unhealthy food.

Myth- Pineapple Is Hard To Cut-

At a look, we agree, pineapple looks nothing less than a complex puzzle. But before you get intimidated, pineapples are actually super easy to chop once you get the secret. All you need to do is chop both ends, slice the eyes and voila! You have a perfectly cut pineapple ready to munch on.

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