Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Places around the world where fossils were found

It is fascinating to know and unearth remains so old.

It doesn’t take much to go explore ancient times by unearthing the soil and finding remains. Throughout the land of the world there are places that have enclosed in them fossils from thousands of years. While some have been preserved some remain to be looked for. Here are some sites around the world where one can find fossils.

Dorset, United Kingdom

The Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK, stretches for 95 miles from East Devon to Dorset. Because of the abundance of incredible fossils discovered in this area, it was designated as England's first World Heritage Site in 2001. The Jurassic Coast is famous for its limestone cliffs, which are made up of sedimentary rock layers and are rich in fossils. Although one is not permitted to chisel these fossils from the rocks, upon finding one on the beach that has been eroded and would otherwise be washed away by the tides of the ocean, one can keep it. Charmouth is one of the safest places in the area for fossil hunting that one must visit.

Maryland, United States

The Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, USA, contain one of the longest Miocene exposures in the world and are filled with loose fossils that you can discover. The earth around Laurel is rich in iron ore, which has been mined for manufacturing in the 1800s and 1900s. Presently, 'Dinosaur Park' works to preserve the land where dinosaur fossils can be found as well as to protect the fossils that are discovered. Visit the park from dawn to dusk, and while one is allowed to visit the fossil bed, they are not permitted to take any fossils outside of the park.

Ohio, United States

The Ohio landscape once covered by deep tropical seas and then by massive glaciers is rich in fossils. Ice Age fossils, including plants and ancient mammals, can be found in the state's glaciated areas, and the state's northwestern region has extensive Devonian exposures, including a fossil park. With around five acres of a stone quarry, this is a wonderful place to look for fossils.

Australia, Nangetty

In the midst of farmland, the Coalseam Conservation Park in Nangetty, Australia, protects an area of botanically diverse species. While it appears dry and foreboding in the heat of summer, a spectacular display of wildflowers transforms it into a wonderland of diverse colour in spring, and it is incredibly beautiful. There is ongoing work in this area to protect the region's innately preserved maritime fossils unearthed in the Nangetty coal mines in Australia. Riverbend seems to have the largest concentration of fossil records in the region; it's also worth visiting the nearby Permian-era limestone cliffs. The Scenic Fossil Picnic Area on the Irwin River's East Bank is also a good place to look for fossils.