Places in India Every Bird Watcher Must Visit

Birding holds a special and unusual hold over serious bird watchers, for which they even travel across the world.

For bird watchers, the destination matters more than the journey. Birders love to watch the little actions of the winged visitors and would travel any distance to witness what they consider to be the experience of a lifetime. Observing a rare species and if everything goes well, a good photograph is all they care for. Bird-watchers usually have a unique bucket list of places they want to visit where they can be alert and relaxed at the same time amidst nature and, of course, birds. Here is a list of places in India that every bird watcher should visit at least once in their life.

Keolado National Park, Rajasthan

Also known as Bharatpur Bird Sancturay, Keolado National Park is not limited for bird watchers. The sanctuary offers wildlife too besides the beautiful and unique winged creatures. The man-made are is mostly a collection of grasslands, wetlands and woodlands. Besides birds, it is also the home for over 50 fish species, 13 snake species, 5 lizard species and 7 amphibian species. However, most importantly it is the home of 366 bird species which include painted storks, grey hornbills, open billed storks, sarus cranes and cormorants. The quiet atmosphere of the sanctuary is an added bonus for the bird-watchers.

Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh

Mishmi Hills located at the North-eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh is a visual wonder. It ranges from dense forests to lush green plains to snow-capped mountains. Besides being a bombastic package of coloured topography, it is also a birder’s heaven on earth. The hills offer over 680 bird species including some very rare ones. You can see fire-tailed myzornis, Sclater’smonal, grey-headed bullfinch as well as black-headed greenfinch here.

Bhigwan, Maharashtra

Bhigwan bird sanctuary is a must visit for every bird-watcher if you want to surround yourself with pink flamboyance. Magnificent flamingos crowd the place and are an absolute delight to watch at the Ujaini Dam backwaters. Apart from flamingos, the sanctuary also shelters other bird species including pond herons, ruddy shelducks, sandpipers and kingfishers. The first two months of the year offers the most to the bird-watchers here. Moreover, if you want to muster up a better and special experience, you can also go for some night trails when you can spot sights of Indian chameleons, nightjars and geckos.

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