Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Places in India that are home to the oldest ruins

These places are mystic and beautiful in their own way.

In a land with a century’s worth of history, there is still a lot that humans can see of the time of yore. Whatever remains from ancient times are just ruins but still in a condition that will transport humans back in time. Spread across the country, while some runs have been in a condition to restore and be open to the public, others are just a few rocks and walls. Here are some of the places in India that still have ruins from the period of yore.

Hampi, Karnataka

This town in the state of Karnataka was once the capital of the prosperous kingdom of Vijaynagar. Now what remains of it are the ruins spread across the land of Hampi. It has been listed under the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The ruins are simply boulders, rocks, and numerous famous temples such as Vithala Temple, and Achyut Raya temple among others. One can also find statue remains, and Queen’s Bath in various sites.


This ancient and enormous settlement can be found in Haryana. This is a pre-dating and one of the oldest and most famous sites from the Indus Valley Civilisation. Just like other older civilizations from that era, it is one of the largest settlements of that time period to have been excavated. And much like other cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, which had paved roads, drainage systems, rainwater collection systems, storage systems, statue production, and skilled application metals, these have been found here as well. The Rakhigarhi was established in 4600 BC, it was abandoned in 1900 BC and finally discovered in 1965 AD.

Martand Sun Temple

Situated on a plateau in the town of Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir, the Martand Sun Temple was built by the King of the Karkota Dynasty in the early 8th century AD. The temple dedicated to the Sun god was once destroyed in the 15th century by Sikandar Bhutshikan and has been in that state since. The temple has been constructed in such a way that standing there gives out a panoramic view of the Kashmir Valley.

Nalanda University

A UNESCO world heritage site, it is located in Bihar and is considered one of the oldest universities in the world. Earlier it was known as Nalanda Mahavira and has its origins dating back to the 3rd century. It is one of the greatest and oldest universities in India to have been recorded in the world.

Some other places with ruins are Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan; Lothal; Champaner-Pavagadh, Gujarat; Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan; Dholavira, Gujarat; Surkotada; Dwarka; Muziris, Kerala; Nagarjunakonda, Andhra Pradesh; and Vijayanagar, Karnataka to name a few.