Places In India You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Across the world, many places are restricted from the access of tourists for various reasons like security concerns and protecting or preserving the local culture and heritage.

India harbours some of the most exotic and beautiful tourism locations. However, while most of these places are open for travelling, some are kept away from the reach of the tourists. There are various reasons for such strict actions including the protection of the local and indigenous community, culture and heritage. Here are some Indian places that are off limits for tourism and travelling.

Chambal River Basin

One of the most gorgeous places of India, Chambal has been under the reign of some of India’s notorious outlaws. The lives of these notorious outlaws have even inspired many Indian filmmakers for a long time. However, the beauty of this place is unlike any other although it is usually forbidden or less accessed by tourists. The reason is the fear of falling prey to the local or the regional dacoits that are still said to be in place.

Barren Island

While Andaman is one of the most visited places of India, Barren Island in Andaman is inaccessible to tourists. Barren Island is South Asia’s only active volcano, which makes it a safety concern for the tourists. However, if you would still like to see the island, you are allowed to take a look at it but from a safe distance on a ferry. The primary reason for making Barren Islands forbidden to tourists is to maintain their safety.

North Sentinel Islands

One more region from the Andamans, the North Sentinel Islands have also been on the news in the recent times. An American who tried to enter the islands was killed by the Sentinelese tribal natives in 2018. For ages the natives of the Sentinel Islands have been isolated from the main island and any attempt at making them a part of the main island have been met with strong resistance from the natives. Keeping in mind the protection of the Sentinelese tribal natives, the Indian government had banned travelling within a 3km radius of the island in 2006.

Aksai Chin

A part of Ladakh, Aksai Chin is one of the most beautiful places of India, which, however, is also the disputed land between India and China. Also called the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Aksai Chin is only accessible by military officials and personnel.

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