Places of interest in Kolkata which are said to be haunted

The city of Kolkata has a fascinating history. While these undoubtedly set forth a sense of the past of the city, there is also a sense of omnipresence exuded in historical sites within historical places in the city. Many of them are attributed, traits of the supernatural, and they are supposed to be haunted. Here are some places famous for the ghosts that supposedly scour around them!

National Library – This is one of the most popular places of curiosity for the lover of supernatural aspects. It is believed that Warren Hastings had a duel here with Sir Francis after a conflict broke out between them nearby. As a result, Hasting’s ghost walks around this place. Another legend notes that it is Lady Metcalfe whose ghost walks around the premises. Her footsteps and shadows on the wall can be seen at night.

Belvedere Estate of William Hastings – This is one of the most haunted sites in Kolkata. Multiple legends are woven around this site, saying that Warren Hasting’s ghost still walks around the premises and visits his residence in a horse-drawn carriage.  Another spooky story that is often told is that some kids were once playing football here when one boy got hit on the chest with the football and died. People have reported hearing the boy’s voice in this area as well, while others have claimed to see that boy.

Park Street cemetery – This is one of the most popular sites in Calcutta and is a highly visited site even today. It has the graves of many eminent people including Henry Derozio, and Michael Madhusudan Dutt amongst others. Being a cemetery, it is also immensely spooky, and the buried are believed to walk around this area at night. It is fascinating!

Kolkata dock/ Khidderpore dock- The Khidderpore dock was constructed by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who had been exiled to Calcutta in 1856 after Awadh was taken over by the British. He spent his last years in Calcutta and died in 1878. However, it is believed, that this dock which he built still has his ghost hanging around, waiting to avenge the British for sending him into a state of exile. Interestingly, these exiled kings are kept alive in the memory of the local populace who endorse these stories.

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