Published By: Riya Banerjee

Places to see in the Arctic Circle those who absolutely love the cold!

For your next holiday, if you want a winter escapade, then we have the best list of all the places you can visit in the Arctic Circle.

It might seem crazy to visit the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter, but for people who love the cold it might be the best experience of their life! Parts of around seven countries fall in this Arctic Circle and needless to say, even temperatures below zero are considered to be warm there. The cold may make it all difficult but the sights there will make it worth it. Especially if you catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights then you will be absolutely awed by the beauty of it! Apart from this, of course there are several snow activities you can do if you’re adventurous. Read on to find out about the best places to visit in the Arctic Circle if you love the cold…


Iceland is the northernmost nation on Earth and is probably the best place to visit if chilling weather is what you prefer. Although if you want only semi cold weather, we recommend you go during the summer months. Known as the land of glaciers, there’s much to do in Iceland. From snow trekking to glacier walking, there’s enough adrenaline pumping activities to keep you warm!


While Finland is a great place to experience the winter in the Arctic Circle, going to Lapland in Finland is the best experience of cold weather you can get! Although the temperatures can drop extremely low, chances of seeing the aurora borealis here are high!

The North Pole

As children almost all of us dreamt of visiting the North Pole and seeing Santa Claus at the Christmas factory! So while you can still go to the North Pole to satisfy the child in you, there is much to see and do there as well. From the wildlife to the stunning natural landscapes, don’t miss out on travelling to the North Pole if you are a fan of cold!

Lofoten Islands, Norway

If you are a fan of road trips, this is the best place for you to go to during the Arctic winters. When you visit this place in deep winter, you will not only get the best photographs but also a fantastic experience on the road!