Places to Visit in Igatpuri, Maharashtra

A quaint hill town tucked away in the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is widely renowned for its ancient Vipassana practice and lush greenery 

Once an offbeat destination, Igatpuri is a rendezvous with history, untainted nature, gorgeous valleys, spiritualism and dense forests. But now with the boom of hotels and resorts, the town ardently beckons to tourists belonging to different walks of life.

Kalsubai Peak, Abode of Clouds

The highest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges, Kalsubai is also known as the ‘Everest of Maharashtra’. Trekkers climb to witness a majestic sunrise and the surrounding views spanning sanctuary and acres of forests. The peak is an absolute majestic recluse, far from the humdrum of city. Travellers’ favourite, this peak plays host to a plethora of fun activities. If you are not a fan of hiking or trekking, climbing the stairs to reach the top is an option.

A Tour at the Vipassana Centre  

At Igatpuri, this centre is the largest in the world and practices meditation as preached by Gautama Budhha in the 6th Century BC. Calm and peace pervade this place as you take a stroll in the company of a professional guide. The centre was originally founded for research and routined practice of this ancient art. Surrounded by misty hills and fluffy clouds, watching learners perfecting the art of meditation is truly therapeutic.

The Picturesque Camel Valley

Camel Valley is steeped in fog on most days while under clearer skies, it offers panoramic and majestic views. Its beauty is accentuated the most during monsoon as the waterfalls swell and cascade in all grandeur. Amidst the all-pervasive tranquillity, travellers engaging in river rafting and river crossing make for quite a breathtaking contrast. Since Camel Valley is in proximity to Bhatsa River, a day’s trip here would be heavenly.

Ghatandevi Temple, Pilgrims’ Stop

Ghatandevi Temple is a stone’s throw from the Igatpuri Railway Station, and certainly, your visit here remains incomplete without a glimpse of this temple located in the beautiful valley. The temple lies in the midst of the three peaks of Harihar, Trimak and Durvar Utvad multiplying its tranquillity by manifold. Behind this temple lies the historical Tringalwadi Fort.

Tringalwadi Fort, History in Ruins

Constructed in the 10th century, this fort is perched at an elevation of 3000ft and was conquered by the Mughals in 1688. Trekking to the fort by traversing the Tringalwadi Lake is common, and mostly during the monsoon when the place blooms like magic. Once on top, you would be greeted with a picture-perfect view of the Konkan and Nashik routes.

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