Published By: Satavisha

Plan a Vacation To These Nations Under One Lakh Rupees: You Don’t Have to Break The Bank To Travel To These Countries From India

Managing expenses during a vacation is quite challenging, especially if it is an international destination. But you can travel to these countries under one lakh rupees only!

While the desire for international travel seems exciting, it does not necessarily have to make a hole in your wallet. What if we said there are a handful of countries you can travel to, under one lakh rupees? Keep scrolling to explore some countries that can fulfill your dream of holidaying abroad on a budget.


Romania is a notable travel destination for its spectacular rugged-stone churches and old monasteries. You will be awe-struck looking at its pristine landscape covering the entire country. If you make advance bookings—you can book flight tickets for nearly INR 50,000. In addition, food, accommodation, and transportation costs are fairly reasonable.


The country is home to fables and castles. Slovakia is an incredible budget-friendly destination that you can explore for under one lakh rupees. If you love lofty mountains, ancient castles, and pristine landscapes—Slovakia is where you need to be. Transportation and food costs are quite cheap, and you can avail good accommodation facilities between Rupees 3500 to 4500.


In Thailand, you can explore pristine beaches, lush green islands, and bustling street markets. Thailand holds a special place in the hearts of Indians because the country offers abundant activities for both budget-conscious and luxury travelers. Whether you wish to relax on a beach or party all night, you don't have to worry about shelling out an astronomical amount in Thailand.


Portugal is a spectacular European nation with abundant natural beauty, historic architecture, and sandy beaches. The country is home to many beaches, and little hamlets, and its rich culture lures tourists from all around the globe. You would be surprised to know that you can visit Portugal with a budget not exceeding Rs 1 lakh. You can book a good hotel for Rupees 2,000, and the cost of transportation is also reasonable.


This Buddhist kingdom is situated east of the Himalayas and is one of the happiest nations in the world. From its serene monasteries and formidable fortresses to spectacular mountain views and delicious local cuisine—Bhutan has something for every visitor on a budget.


This magical nation with fantasy-filled beaches looks surreal. Croatia is home to many ancient palaces and beautiful islands. You can also enjoy several exciting adventure sports like diving, sailing, snorkeling, and more. But fret not! You can acquire the best Croatian experiences under one lakh rupees. The average cost for food and transportation will be around Rupees 2500 per day, while the accommodation charges will be between Rupees 2000 to 3500 for one person.

Without further ado, pick your destination and set out for your international vacation!