Plank Variations That Are Good For Your Core

Perfect your core by trying out these plank variations.

The pursuit of the perfect abs ends now. Exercising requires switching up and mixing it up a little otherwise you will reach a stagnant point from where it seems impossible to move forward. A tight and fit core is essential to keeping your body’s stability and the plank is the way to do that. However, you may have mastered the plank but that does not mean you will stop there. You need to take the level up a notch by trying out new variations of the plank hold that would make and engage your core stronger. As a result, the perfect abs will be a given. Here are a few abs variations that you need to try in order to have stronger core.

Walking Plank

The walking plank helps in the strengthening of your core as well as the muscle groups of your upper amd lower body. In order to do the walking plank, get into the original plank position with your hands right under your shoulders. In the next step, activate your abs and your glutes to have the maximum benefit and to prevent any kind of injury. Now start moving in a lateral shift by moving your right hand and right feet together towards the right. Lift up your left foot and left hand to move to the center and regain the full plank position. Do 5 sets of this exercise on each side and remember that this is not a speed test so keep your pace slow but effective.

Reverse Plank

A reverse plank is just lying doing a full plank but on your back. Thos exercise strengthens your core as well as the muscles of your upper and lower body. Sit on the floor straight with your legs extended vefore you and your hands behind you. Activate your core, glutes and arms and lift up your hips to form a straight line from the shoulders to the heels. Hold the position for 2 to three minutes and then let go. Repeat it in 5 sets of 5 reps.

Spider-Man Plank

This plank variation will burn your abs, obliques and the lower spine. Take the full plank position. Pull up your knee up to the outside of your elbows and then push your leg back to the plank position. Repeat the 10 reps of it on each side.

Urbee Sarkar

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