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Planning a visit to Amsterdam? Here are some things that must be on your to-do list?

Are you in the process of marking out your itinerary for Europe, and confused about where to go? If you are looking for wonderful options, obviously there is no shortage! But, one recommendation, that is worth considering, is to visit Amsterdam for a few days. The city has such a hip and cool vibe, that it is impossible to not fall in love with it! It is a guaranteed unique adventure and something that you will cherish for many days!

A city of Canals

 The best thing about Amsterdam is that it is a city full of canals. You can simply walk around and see the city, while the breeze of the beautiful canals hits you. It makes the city so picturesque and exciting! If you wish, there are some popular canal rides which you can take, and explore the city, through its canals! It is something that you just don’t want to take your eyes off!   

Visit the Van Gogh museum

Amsterdam is also host to one of the most exciting and beautiful museums in the world, the Van Gogh Museum. This contains the largest collection of the impressionist artist and gives us an insight into the paintings, also showing us some works which are relatively less known of his. Such paintings are unusual, from the themes of Van Gogh that we are familiar with! This museum is masterfully curated and gives a good idea of not only Van Gogh’s artistic genius but also successfully discusses his context, his personal life, and his engagement with other artists, comparing his works with other artists painting similar themes and ultimately the tragedies in his life. However, even that section is beautifully curated, and delves into the concept of mental health! What we get is a very clear picture of the artist himself, his inner conflicts and his reasons for painting. It is an extremely touching and moving experience!

Visit Moco museum

Another must-visit museum is the Moco Museum, which encompasses modern artworks. Here you will find yourself amidst famous paintings by Andrew Warhol, Banksy- the famous street artist whose identity remains unknown, Icy and Sot and many others. It is an unusual museum in terms of content, but so subversive and brilliant!   

Visit Rijk museum for the Rembrandts

 While museum-hopping, are you craving for the old world? One more you can consider is the Rijk’s museum, which also has a fascinating collection, of many painters of the Renaissance period, Rembrandt being one of them!  

Fries are a must!

 If you go to Amsterdam, and you don’t have a snack of fries from the local fries shop, then you aren’t doing it right! These fries are crispy and delicious, and supplemented with delicious sauces as well as some spices! Amsterdam has the most memorable fries- make sure to dig in!

Walk around the winding lanes!

 Make sure to walk around. Amsterdam is full of narrow small winding lanes, but each is so picturesque and beautiful that you keep wanting to stand and stare!  Sometimes, you will come across small exciting shops, serving cheeses and little pubs and cafes to sit down in! Take a walk, take it in!

Visit the Dark (read cool) side!

 If you have read up about Amsterdam, you would know that Amsterdam is an exciting fun cool chill vibe in the form of a city! One of the things that you should try out is the nightlife and strolling down the red light area! It is something that you have never seen before!