Planning to start investing? Know how much money to invest at first

When and where to start, everything you should be clear about investments before securing your future. 

Investing is a crucial decision to make, so pick a strategy that will be based on the amount you invest and the amount of risk you should take.

Start investing early

Early investing is best when you are young enough to make a decision to get a solid return on your money. Investing in smaller amounts is possible now. This is thanks to low or no investment minimums, fractional shares, and zero commissions. Special thanks to compound earnings, which means your investment returns would start earning their own capital. If you feel stressed regarding whether your contribution would be enough or not, just focus on how much amount would be manageably followed by your financial goals and situation. 

Decide how much to invest at first

The first and foremost thing is how much you want to invest always depends on your investment goal, financial situation, and whenever you need to reach it.  One of the most common investment goals is retirement and as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to invest around 10-15%. I know it sounds a little unrealistic but you can start with a small amount and then increase it with time. Based on your retirement amount, plan your investment. For other investing goals just focus and consider your time horizon and then work backward in order to break that particular amount into weekly or monthly investments.

Open a separate investment account

If you are one of those who like to invest for retirement without having access to an employer-sponsored retirement account then you must create an individual retirement account like a Roth or traditional IRA. If you open a separate account like a taxable brokerage account then you always can withdraw savings anytime without any penalties or additional taxes.

Acknowledge proper investment option

Every time you think of starting an investment, the first and foremost thing is how to invest and where to invest. Also, it is not that unnatural, all investment carries risk and it is a must to understand each instrument, like type and percentage of risk as well as whether the risk is aligned with the goal or not. There are few investments for those who are just planning to start like bonds, exchange-traded funds, stocks, and mutual funds. These kinds of investments are quite profitable and worthy for someone who is ready to step towards a secure future.


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