Published By: Riya Banerjee

Planning to visit Barbados? Here’s what you can see and do there…

From the white sand beaches to the luxury hotels, many things attract tourists to this place.

Barbados, for years, has been known for being a holiday spot for celebrities and several other tourists who love sand, beaches, water, surfing and everything related to that. The main reason for a high tourist count is obviously the 80 plus beaches in this country. But apart from that, the scope of swimming with turtles, snorkeling, windsurfing, and other water activities also make tourists from all over the world choose Barbados as a holiday spot. Read on to know about the things you should not miss out on doing while touring Barbados…

Visit the beaches

This is something you cannot miss out on doing even if you want to! Visiting Barbados and not stepping foot on a beach is impossible. The crystal blue water and the white sands make it look stunning and all of the beaches are public and free! You can visit Brandon, Carlisle Bay and Browne’s beaches, among others. If you want to surf, you can visit Bathsheba, Cattlewash and Action beaches.

See Harrison’s Cave

Located in St Thomas Parish, if you are someone who likes to witness natural wonders, then this is the place to go to. You will find several limestone formations here and even a chamber of ancient stalactites! Tour guides are available to help you recognise these formations and you can go around the place on a tram!

Experience the rainforests

Yes, Barbados is not only about the beaches. A little farther from the north of the capital city, Bridgetown, you can find exquisitely beautiful forests. You can drive up to this place and take a little hike on your own or even with your partner! These rainforests show a completely different side of Barbados and it is difficult not to fall in love with nature seeing it!

Explore the Animal Flower Cave

When in Barbados, you cannot miss out on this one. If you want to witness humpback whales then this is the perfect spot for you. You can also go underground to see a dramatic view into the Atlantic Ocean!