Plant Décor For Designer Washroom

Creative ways to use plants to make your home look classy and perfect for flaunting.

Indoor plants are the secret ingredients to add class to your home. You may not want to invest in substantial ceramic sculptures and eye-catching paintings, but a simple potted plant decorated in a corner can give your visual prowess a soothing tinge. In the case of washrooms, having them decked up can be tricky. But all thanks to the green plants they are the ideal décor to make your bathroom look classy without making it look congested. Here are some of the most innovative ideas to use plants to create a comforting environment in your home.

  1. Magnificent Ferns-

There is no saying no to ferns. Especially how gorgeous they look when collected and put in a vase. Ferns need significantly less light, and all they require is moisture. Staying in your washroom will help them thrive well. If you have ample wall space, you can mount a frame and pin-up ferns to give a canvas feel with homegrown ferns.

  1. Bountiful Bamboo-

The fast-growing bamboos come in all shapes and sizes and have the most exotic colour variations. It does require a fair amount of watering, so every time you take a bath, be sure to spray the shower on the roots! Make sure you place them near the skylights, so they have a direction to grow in.

  1. The Living Wall-

Quite in trend, building a thin cane wall and letting climbers and mosses get on will fill the whole wall with leaves. You can create one on your own with money plants and hanging orchids. Be sure to water them well on the growth stage.

  1. Easy Aloe-

If you have a relatively compact washroom, you can work with pots! Arrange some dainty ceramic pots and line with aloe vera shrub. Make sure they don’t get logged in water. Water them once a week, and you are good to go.

  1. Monstera Plant-

The native plant to Mexican forest, monster plant creates a spa-like an ambience at your home. The graceful plant can be potted in wooden framed pots and have a little lighting to flaunt the gorgeous green leaves.

  1. Invincible Ivy-

The invasive species suits your indoors. The way they cling and climb over every support you give them makes it look beautiful. You can train the plant to cover the window rims or hang around a basket weave to make your washroom look authentic.

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