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Play Date Ideas That Both You And Your Kids Will Love

Are your kids bored of the usual play dates? We have a few fun ideas you can try!

Kids get bored fast. Repeating the same routine of taking them to a park to get on the same rides could get a little monotonous for them as well as for you. Try changing up the play dates to keep yourself and your kids entertained. Moreover, organising play dates for your kids and their friends will also give you a chance to get acquainted with the other parents. Bonus point? You get to be the fun and cool parent. Here are a few fun play date ideas that you can try to give them the play dates your babies deserve.

Super Hero Party

Who doesn’t love to party! Even kids love a good party and play dates are a great way to organise them. It gets even better if you add a super hero theme to the party. Have a few super hero themed snacks prepared for the party. You can even get your kids and their friends their favourite super hero costumes. Actually, id it seems like too much effort you can even skip the costume part. Instead, you put on their favourite super hero films and shows on and let them be. If you want to turn on the heat for the party, invite the parents and ask them to dress up in super hero costumes as well.

Painting Party

All kids love to paint. Have a painting party for a play date for both the kids and the parents. Get poster boards, paints, washable finger colours and let the kids go crazy. Even the parents will get a chance to relive their childhood on painting party play dates. It is a win-win situation for all. The best venue for the painting party would be your backyard, if you have one. This way the kids and the parents will have a lot to take inspiration from.

Nature Walk

Organise a nature walk as a play date for the kids and the parents. It would be a learning experience for all. Carry some snacks and it will a sort of a picnic but better. Your kids will get to play outside and learn about trees and flowers and everything good that nature has to offer. What’s better is that you and the parents will also get some fresh air doing this.

Urbee Sarkar

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