Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

PMV Eas-E: India's Most Affordable Electric Car


At INR 4.5 lakh, the Eas-E from Mumbai-based startup PMV is India’s most affordable electric car in 2022

As we are thoroughly aware, the electric vehicle space in India is evolving at a rapid pace, with automobile manufacturers launching new electric cars and motorcycles almost every week. However, given electric vehicles are expensive and India is a price-sensitive market, purchasing an electric vehicle is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

At present, if you plan to purchase a proper ideal electric car, you will need to spend around INR 10 lakh for the Tata Tigor EV; a price-tag that is certainly not cheap. After carefully evaluating the budget scenario related to electric vehicles, Mumbai-based startup PMV has unveiled Eas-E, an electric car (more of a quadricycle) priced at around INR 4.5 lakh. 

Design language 

Pronounced as ‘easy’, the PMV Eas-E is a two-seater electric car that has a resemblance to the Bajaj Qute and Reva. However, being a modern-day car, the Eas-E features a blacked-out roof and pillars coupled with a T-shaped LED strip on the front grille. A first look at the Eas-E could confuse many people because even though the car is a two-seater model, it features four doors. 

Other eye-catching features of the car include an LED strip at the rear similar to the front, 13-inch alloy wheels and black outside rearview mirrors on both ends with integrated LED indicators. 


The PMV Eas-E draws power from a front-mounted 15kW electric motor that is tuned to produce a maximum power output of 20bhp. As per the company, the short errand car can hit a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour. 

Moving on to the battery pack of the car, the Eas-E is armed with a 10kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack that one can charge from zero to 100 per cent in under four hours by using a 3kW AC charger. In terms of mileage, the Eas-E is available in three trims and therefore, it offers a driving range of 120 kilometres, 160 kilometres and 200 kilometres. 

Inside the cabin

The PMV Eas-E may be a compact car only meant for daily commuting, but the car is not short on features inside the cabin. It boasts of an LCD digital instrument cluster, free-standing touchscreen, rear view camera, cruise control, remote parking assist, remote keyless entry, regenerative braking and more. 

Last but not the least, one can book the affordable Eas-E by paying an advance amount of INR 2,000.