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Pole Dance - a unique sport

Dancing is an art but pole dancing is a sport with grace

Pole dance is a unique dance technique where dance and acrobatic moves are merged together and presented on a vertical pole. It requires tremendous muscle tenacity, stamina, core strength and co-ordinated rapid movements. From street performances to erotic shows and on the way to be included into Olympics it's a long journey for this amazing sport.

History: The Story Behind

To find the root of pole dance we have to travel back in time for approximately 800 years. In India there was a traditional sport called "Mallakhamb" which was based on acrobatic moves on a wooden pole demanding top notch endurance and strength. In China, two poles were used to show varieties of tricks which seemed to defy gravity. In America the Ghawazi dancers brought pole dancing with an erotic touch.

Types of Poles: Instrumentation

There are two types of pole used in this sport. The Standard pole which is made of steel or brass are sometimes fixed to ceiling and floor and sometimes are portable. They have different diameters too. Different pole dancers prefer different diameters according to their grips. The Show poles which are generally used in clubs are more attractive than standard poles. They are transparent and filled with glittery water or colour changing lights etc.

Pole Dance: As an Exercise

As it requires quite a strength, it has become popular in a gender and age independent way. It requires a lot of flexibility, endurance and balance. It requires years of practice to do tricks on the pole confidently. It has become an amazing workout practice for literally anyone.

Competition: A Good Rivalry

Pole dance competition began in nightclubs which ultimately grew into the world of fitness too. Many novice and high level competitions have been held all over the world since the end of the twentieth century.

Transition: Now and Then

From erotic shows it has come a long way to snatch its spot as a sport. Pole dancing as a sport is different from being an artistic representation as it is more fitness related than doing it for enjoyment. It has transitioned so well that we may see Pole Dancing as an event at the Olympics in near future.

If you want to cultivate another side of you and give this sport a try, then go ahead and learn some simple moves at first and keep growing.