Police Motorcycles from Different Countries

The finest wheels from various countries’ law enforcement agencies

There was a time when cars were a more suitable form of transport for a getaway after executing a felony. However, the streets went overcrowded as cars became more accessible to the people. Therefore, cars did not remain a smart choice for offenders as manoeuvring a car through thick traffic and evading the chasing police was not possible. They jumped onto the next best fast mode of transportation; motorcycles. When criminals moved faster on the streets with super bikes, law enforcement forces around the world had to adapt to the changing surrounding. They resorted to super bikes and enlisted them as official police vehicles in the force.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top motorcycles that are run by law enforcement forces of different provinces.

BMW R 1200RT

The BMW R 1200RT is operated by the police force of Hong Kong, UK and some states of the US. The motorcycle is decorated with a 1,170cc engine that develops a peak power of 123hp and 125Nm of maximum torque. The motorcycle is customized to fit the police force. The adjustments include sirens, lights, broadcast systems and communication system. The motorcycle is used for patrolling and to lead VIP motorcades. It may not be the fastest motorcycle in this list, but is an efficient machine for trailing.

Suzuki Hayabusa

The Queens Island police inducted one of the fastest motorcycles in their force; the Suzuki Hayabusa. The police use this beast on the highway to arrest drivers who violate traffic regulations such as over speeding on the highway, using phones while driving or driving without seatbelts. The Suzuki Hayabusa features a 1,340cc engine that generates 197hp of power and torque of 155Nm. With an excellent top speed of close to 303 kmph, escaping this motorcycle is not a piece of cake.

Yamaha XJ 900

The Yamaha XJ 900 is the official ride of police personnel in Indonesia. From chasing criminals to leading VIP motorcades, this motorcycle has been a valuable addition for the Indonesian police to diminish the reaction time. Although an antique motorcycle in the list, the XJ 900 is dynamic with its 892cc engine that offers 89.5hp of power and 84Nm of torque along with a top speed of 209 kmph on-the-go.

Honda VFR800P

The VFR800P is used by the Japanese police force that is heavily modified with crash guards, panniers, taller windshield and comfortable seats for all-day riding. The police use the sports-tourer to deal with the traffic, follow motorcades, and to chase offenders. The motorcycle derives 107hp of power and 79Nm of torque from a 781cc engine that can hit a top speed of 249kmph.

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