Popular esports games that will make you take up gaming

Esports is a multi-billion-dollar company and every year a roster of incredible games is gaining more popularity.

If you were ever told video games are a waste of time, you have a case to fight now. Video games are gaining more traction with huge sponsorships, tournaments, cash pots and prodigious gaming skills. Esports is competitive and lucrative. There are types of esports, namely the genres, that are popular among gamers that dazzles those who play and the viewers.

Genres of Esports:

Real-Time Strategy – Needs strategizing according to the situations, foresight, tactical skills and quick thinking.

First person Shooter – Stimulating a firefight from a first-person perspective giving the feeling of actually being involved in the action.

MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena combines action, role-playing and strategizing with your team.

Battle Royale – Players must stay alive while the map shrinks over the duration of the match.

Here are the popular esports games that are wildly popular.

  1. Counter Strike – Counter Strike has two teams of terrorists and anti-terrorists and both teams have their own objectives. Teams will have to rescue hostages or plant bombs. If you succeed in your objectives, players win points as well online money. Shooting hostages or one’s own teammate will result in points and money getting deducted.
  2. League of Legends – This is one of the most popular real-time strategy games. Two teams of five compete against each other with the objective being destroying the Nexus (base) of the opponent team. Players also have to collect resources suited to their characters before the final showdown.
  3. Overwatch – Teamwork is crucial in Overwatch. Two teams with six players try to gain control of a given area within a given timeframe. The players have 29 different characters to choose from. The characters are divided into three. Damage characters can cause damage, Tanks have a huge health pool, don’t die easy and usually on the front lines and Support characters have healing abilities.
  4. Fortnite – Set in an apocalyptic world, Fortnite is about surviving zombie attacks, collecting resources and rebuilding civilizations through forts and eliminating other players. Fortnite has massive popularity and rapper Drake have livestreamed Fortnite with prominent Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.
  5. Hearthstone –Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone is a strategic Card Game that is extremely popular. The game starts with a Hero card and a deck of cards. The point of the game is to experience thrilling card duels. There is no particular mission or goal. Newer cards can be purchased online with virtual gold coins earned by the players or by real money.

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