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Popular life advices aren’t always correct

There are so many inspirational quotes making rounds in the Internet.Though all of them sounds nice on papers, it may not necessarily mean that they are sound life advice too. Upon closer inspection, many pop quotes and life advices falls short of making any positive impact on your life.

Others have it worse than you

This is one of the popular life advices doled out to us quite often. “Don’t be sad because there are people in the world who have it worse than you”. The proverbial starving kids in Africa. So, by the same logic, shouldn’t we also be unhappy because there are people in the world who have it better than us? That piece of advice is just a lazy way to invalidate someone’s feeling and prevents people from opening up.

Work while they sleep

It is one of the popular motivational life advicespopular with college students and young executives. To work while others sleep is not a recipe of success as it is made it out to be but a recipe for burnout, early ageing and overall health issues. This will also mean a verylimited network of friends for support group and thus very limited future business contacts. In the real world, any working professional worth their salt will vouch that a good network of contacts can move mountains.

Just ignore the bullies

Bullying never really stops after high school but continues all through college and into the real world. Yet, some of us parents tend to tell our kids to ignore the bullies and they’ll ignore you. Getting involved yourself sometimes can make matter even worse for your kids. A more practical life advice will be to confront your bullies head on, whether with your words or your fists. Bullying, like all other problems gets worse if you keep ignoring them.

Stick it out

When you find yourself in a thankless job or an emotionally draining relationship or any bad situation in your life, people often ask you to Stick it out. Surely, you must give everything and everybody their fair amount of chance because most things are hard in the beginning. We are not asking you to give up on things when you face challenges. However, even after giving it a fair shot, if something is making you feel miserable and wrecking your peace, it is better to move on.

Turn your hobby into your profession

In this day and age of YouTube and Instagram influencers, this is one of the popular life advices. “Do whatever makes you happy and the money will follow”. Money sometime follows, sometime they don’t. But you will surely lose whatever joy you used to find in it. We are not asking you to give up doing what you love but to not make your hobby your profession.

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