Positive and negative impact of HIIT workout.

Workout and training sessions must have a designated part in our daily schedule. 

To date, we learnt about various types of exercises- Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and HIIT. But, many might wonder- what is HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective forms of workout sessions, where you perform high-intensity workouts for a shorter time (it differs from 4 to 30 minutes). The idea behind the HIIT session is to increase your heartbeat with high intense activities for a short period. However, putting extra effort comes with a series of pros and cons.

Advantages of performing HIIT workout includes-

It is time-efficient and can be performed anywhere- inside the room, in the garden or terrace.

Unfortunately, taking out time from a busy schedule is one of the many factors that stop us from exercising. However, you can participate in HIIT sessions at any time of the day- Pick 15 or 45 minutes of the day. Also, this does not require going to the gym. Hence, it is a convenient form of workout.

HIIT exercises got proven as an effective way to increase metabolism in a person. 

According to study reports, HIIT workouts can increase the stimulation of growth hormones by 400-450%. As a result, it speeds up metabolism in them.

If burning extra calories is your motto, try HIIT exercises. 

When you perform high-intensity workouts, your body starts repairing the cycle ramps to cope with their pace. Hence, it paces up the fat burning process in your body.  

Disadvantages of performing HIIT exercises are- 

HIIT isn’t suitable for all and might increase the chances of getting hurt in some people.

As the name suggests, it will have a series of high-intensity activities that we need to perform faster. Therefore, there is a possibility that we will lose control over our body movements. Hence, you might end up hurting yourself or triggering a body ache every time. So, in the beginning, perform HIIT exercises under an expert’s supervision.

Your muscles might feel sore after a series of high-intensity workouts. 

By now, we already know that it involves a series of brief activities to perform at a faster speed. Therefore, putting excess effort to complete the task might increase the chances of damaging the body muscles. In other words, it causes delayed onset soreness (DOMS).

Sometimes HIIT workouts cause dizziness in a person. 

In such cases, one must stop instantly. As we are familiar with, HIIT exercises require instant response to quick changes between activities. Therefore, it can cause fluctuation in your blood pressure level- causing uneasiness.

These are a few advantages and disadvantages of HIIT workout.

Orna Ghosh

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