Post COVID-19: Prepare your child for going back to school

As schools remain closed all over the world owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are worried about the daunting task of making their kids school-ready when the time comes.

Nobody had ever thought in their weirdest dreams that schools would be closed for more than half a year in 2020. With the coronavirus scare nowhere near its end, schools world over have been shut since March. With governments pondering over when and how to reopen schools, one thing is disturbing all parents- How to prepare their wards for going back to school and get back into the swing of things.

Child psychologists feel that children are much more resilient than adults and will adjust quickly to the school routine after this massive break. However, there might be certain kids who become anxious and this can affect their academic performance. So, first things first, allow the child some time to get back to socializing and playing with other kids, without worrying about academic performance.

So, what exactly you can do now to prepare your kids for the new routines and new ‘normal’ like regular hand sanitizing, social distancing and temperature checks?

Get Back to the Routine

Since this year has been a relaxing one, it is best to slowly and steadily re-introduce your child to the original schedule which includes sleeping, waking and meal times that are in sync with his school timings. With no urgency to get up and sleep on time and no fixed meal timings, kids have mostly been in a relaxed mode half through the year. Without taking much stress, get back the alarm clock in your life and prepare your child for school well in advance.

Have Positive Conversations about School

We all know going back to school won’t be the same anymore. But it is advisable to talk to your kids only about the positives and things they would be able to do rather than about things which they cannot do. It would be tougher for kids who would be stepping in school for the first time, so make sure to familiarize them with the school life through videos and role-plays before they take the plunge.

Organize Playdates

Though it may sound like a crazy idea keeping the current scenario in mind but setting up playdates for your kid at your home and a on one-on-one basis can be good for their socializing skills. Keeping all safety measures in place, let the child play with his mate to better prepare him for school.

Going back to school will make your child anxious, for sure. So let them take the lead in conversations- let them talk and most importantly, listen. Tell them it’s ok to ask questions. Read more bedtime stories to them, get back to routine, organize playdates and boost their confidence by telling them all good things about school. This will ensure that your child’s transition is as smooth as possible.

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