Potted Plants That Are Ideal For Frequent Travelers

Going for a vacation? With these plants at home, you won’t need a plant-sitter!

With time, there has been a drastic change in long term goals. Leave aside your grandma’s aim of starting a family at 20! In the present age scenario, if we find our place to live in, a person to love, and a plant you both promise to keep alive, it is more than what you could ask for!

Talking about house plants, we love how low maintenance they are, sitting in a corner making your home look fuller and radiant. When I said low maintenance, it included watering them and ensuring they have ample exposure to sunlight. To a person living at home, that may sound perfectly doable, but what about travellers? Does that mean they need to give up on their plantation hobby? No siree! Here are some hardy plants that will wait for you to come back from your long trips and stay solid and sturdy as always!


The Drought resistant plant is something that survives minimal watering conditions. Perfect for the forgetful souls who water their plants on weekends! The versatile plant, if healthy, can even survive up to 4 weeks without water. It works best with overexposed and shaded areas, keeping it an ideal option for frequent travellers.

Zanzibar Gem-

The Zanzibar gem is termed a nearly indestructible plant that can bear long periods of neglect. The beautiful rounded leaves will make up for any place you want to decorate. You can trim it to a small shrub and even keep it on your bookshelf without the fear of dripping water.

Peace Lily-

Dig flowers but scared of the commitment? Peace lily will ease you out. The hardiest of all flowering plants can live with low sunlight and nearly no watering for several weeks. However, people with toddlers and pets are advised to keep this plant beyond their reach as the leaves can be toxic if ingested.


The mention of basil must have surprised you as I am one of those plants that can’t survive without water. But for one thing, basil leaves are the easiest to grow! You can purchase an easy watering tumbler and have the plant soaked right by the time you return. For all the herbal values of the plant, a little effort from your side is always worth it!

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