Powerful characters from the mythological era.

The existence of mythological characters is one of the most debatable topics among the modern generation. 

The story about their strength and glory is nothing new to us. We are fascinated by these characters by simply reading about them in books or watching any animation series. But can you choose one to be the strongest among them? The answer is no. We cannot rank them.

So let us make a list of some of the powerful characters from the mythological era.

Krishna is from Hindu mythology. He is considered the 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form. Krishna was not a king but played a vital role in the greatest war in the history of the Earth- Mahabharata. With Sudarshan Chakra on his fingertip, he was a combination of divine powers, brain, strength, skills and wisdom.

Thor from Norse mythology. He was known as the God of Thunder in ancient scriptures. Thor was also the God of war and fertility, and the Vikings worshipped him mostly. With his weapon- Mjolnir, he was one of the strongest mythological characters known.

King Arthur from British mythology. He is the concept of an ideal king who is known for his legendary sword called Excalibur. King Arthur was the weapon on his right, who fought his enemies and served his nation as the knight.

Heracles from Greek-Roman mythology. He was the son of Jupiter and Alcmene. According to Greek mythology, Heracles was one powerful character who committed uncountable deeds. He was so unstoppable that people lost count of his victories. He even performed the twelve labours (only possible by God to accomplish) to atone for his sins.

Atalanta from Greek-Roman mythology. She was known for her hunting and running skills. Atalanta was the only female Argonaut in Greek mythology. She was a beautiful and independent woman who overpowered many legends in the historical era.

Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology. He was also known as the monkey king or the trickster god in Chinese scriptures. Being blessed with eternal powers, Sun Wukong could transform into 72 different animals and objects. He also had control over the three elements of the earth, namely air, water and fire.

SetnaKhaemswe from Egyptian mythology. He defeated many mythological characters, such as the Dead Prince. SetnaKhaemswe was a brilliant, brave and powerful character from the Egyptian Mythological era. He also utilised people’s underestimation as his powerful weapon.

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