Pre-wedding skincare routine for one to follow before the big day

A routine will only aid in the glow on the wedding day

It is a given fact that wedding day is the special day of all that one can experience. Right from the outfit of the day to the make-up and the venue, everything has to be perfect. But most importantly it is the glow on the face of the bride that will make all the more glory. The glow on the face has to be there for it will determine the wedding day. so here are a few tips and tricks to maintain that glow on the wedding day.

Routine for dry skin:

The problem with dry skin is that any application of make-up, no matter how good a brand, it will lead skin to allergies and breakouts.

It is advised to use a cream-based face cleanser for face wash. Since the skin is already dry, any further wiping out the skin of its natural oils will lead to damaging effects. This will also resolve the effects of flaky and cracking skin.

Even dry skin needs to exfoliate but with a cream-based product. A cream-based exfoliation will not only remove the dirt from the face but will also give it the required moisture.

Most importantly, apply moisturiser at night. Be generous with the application of the moisturizer as it will keep the dry skin from further breaking.

Routine for oily skin:

Oily skin, especially around the T-zone makes the face look dull and the make-up impossible.

Until the wedding week, avoid oily food. Try getting on a fruit diet until D-day. By switching to fruits not only will one be able to remove oil from the diet and go inside the body, but it will also give a natural glow by the wedding day.

With oily skin, the face is prone to acne and breakouts. The best way to deal with this is to scrub the face at least twice a week. Scrubbing helps in removing the excess oil from the face, at the same time also removes the blackheads and whiteheads. This act of self-care also helps remove the bacteria stuck to the face and any bumpy skin.

Routine for the combination of oily and dry skin

Well, there are skin types that are both oily as well as flaky at the same time. This skin type makes Taking care of a combination of skin type can be a little tedious, since you have a combination of both dry as well as oily skin.

Start by applying a mud face pack every week as it will balance the T-zone area by controlling the excess oil there. At the same time, it hydrates the face and fights dryness.

Nirtika Pandita

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